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  • Owlet


    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Another photo from my recent visit to the Harpers Ferry Highland Games. They had a group there showing various birds of prey including owls and also including this baby owl, or owlet. Who looks incredibly cute, because you can’t see the dead mouse they were hanging onto with their…

  • Kilmaine Saints

    Kilmaine Saints

    Reading Time Approx: 2 minutes This is not my usual type of photography, but I was at a Highland Games the other week and figured I’d snap some photos of what was happening. The environment for this one was challenging too, because it was an open air stage, with fairly bright sunlight and I was…

  • Solid as a Rock

    Solid as a Rock

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Another photo from that beach. This time I went with a long shutter speed to capture the motion of the water retreating back to the ocean. I think that worked rather well but the image isn’t as sharp as I would have liked and that’s probably partially to do…

  • The Lonely Beach 2

    The Lonely Beach 2

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Another black and white shot of the same beach, but this time a panorama and shot from the other side of the pier. Different morning but again the beach is almost deserted. This time rather than focus on the sea, I wanted to show how empty the beach is…

  • Lonely Beach

    Lonely Beach

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute An early morning shot of the beach and pier at Ocean City, MD. It was a warm, summer morning but the sky was quite bland so I converted this one to black and white and amped up the contrast to emphasize the emptiness of the beach at that time…

  • Looking for Food

    Looking for Food

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Last year I started making more of an effort to put out food for the birds in my yard. I may even have got a little carried away what with the now 4 bird feeders, two 2 suet cages and also a birdbath with a bubbler in it, but…

  • The Sentry

    The Sentry

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Despite the beautiful views, the beach can be a challenge place to find good compositions. Often there’s just too much sea and sand without any detail to focus on, which is why a telephoto lens can come in really handy. This is a very simple shot, just a gull…

  • Watching the Dawn

    Watching the Dawn

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Similar to a photo I previously posted but from a slightly different angle and with a different crop

  • I See You

    I See You

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Another of my experiments with low key self-portraiture. This time I went for a color shot and a more traditional pose. I’m squinting a bit though because of the flash, it’s a bad habit of mine. Other than that I rather like this one though. I’m making direct eye…

  • Laughter


    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute I find it much easier to practice portrait photography on myself than on friends or family who often have limited patience with me wanting to tweak the flash levels, adjust try a different angle, or get just one more shot in. Take this photo for example, I was trying…