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What’s It About

The short answer is, whatever I feel like.

No, but really what’s it about?

I’ve had blogs before, several of them, usually focusing on one particular interest whether it was or photography. The problem with that is that my interests wax and wane and when I get bored, I stop posting. So instead of trying to do what the SEO sites say you should do I’m just going to reflect my personality. Some people may find that frustrating and inconsistent because they’re only interested in certain topics, oh well, I’m okay with that.

Can You At Least Give Me A Clue

The topics I post about will change over time as my interests wax and wane, but some of the more prominent ones will be:

  • Business
  • Photography
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Technology
  • TV, particularly (always Doctor Who)
  • Writing

Veristopia, What’s That Mean?

Well it doesn’t actually mean anything. It’s an invented word and as such it has no definition, but it’s also not without meaning. It consists of two elements:

  • Veris – the appearance of truth
  • Topia – a real physical place (vs. utopia, an idealized place)

So for me it’s about attempting not to control, but to understand and analyze the things that interest me. To approach things from the perspective of what they are, not what they should be or what I necessarily want them to be.

Or, you know, it just sounds cool and I came up with a cool logo for it.