Classic Who Reviews

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  • The Tenth Planet – Equipped to Survive

    Reading Time Approx: 4 minutes The Tenth Planet is famous for two things. Primarily because it’s William Hartnell’s last story and secondarily but also significantly for being the first appearance of the Cybermen. There are some interesting if perhaps unintentional parallels between these two things. Tenth Planet starts in a pretty traditional way for Doctor…

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  • The Power of the Daleks – Templates For the Future

    Reading Time Approx: 3 minutes In many ways The Power of the Daleks is a template for a lot of what follows, certainly for the 2nd Doctor, but also for the future of . On the one hand that speaks to how successful the story is at what it was trying to do, but…

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  • Warriors of the Deep – Pantomime Meets Cold War Nihilism

    Reading Time Approx: 3 minutes There should have been another way… It has been noted that all Silurian stories are basically the same. That’s an over-simplification but one that has a bit of truth to it too. The Silurians told us a tale of two races effectively going to war for ownership of Earth and…

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  • The Invisible Enemy

    The Invisible Enemy

    Reading Time Approx: 3 minutes Interesting Concepts Undermined By Execution The Graham Williams era of Doctor Who is often characterized as low budgets, an excess of humor and hamming it up. There is some disagreement amongst fans about whether all of those are actually bad things, but The Invisible Enemy is a pretty…

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  • Logopolis Review –  Was the Moment Prepared For?

    Reading Time Approx: 4 minutes I have an inescapable fondness for Logopolis that I’m sure clouds my judgment of the story. I would have been 8 (coming up for 9) years old when the story first aired and while I’d been watching Doctor Who my entire life Tom Baker was the only Doctor I had…

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  • Terror of the Zygons Review

    Terror of the Zygons Review

    Reading Time Approx: 4 minutes Terror of the Zygons is a significant story for a number of reasons, not least of which being it was the last regular appearance of both the Brigadier and Harry Sullivan. Personally I consider it the send off for UNIT as a whole, although I suppose you could argue for…

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  • City of Death – More Adams Than Who?

    Reading Time Approx: 5 minutes For the majority of its running time there is remarkably little death in City of Death, that does leave me wondering if there’s a deeper meaning I missed or they just thought it was a cool title. There is some eventually, but for the majority of its running time this…

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