The Case Files of Douglas Brodie

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  • How to Create the Orton Effect in Photoshop

    Reading Time Approx: 3 minutes What is the Orton Effect The Orton Effect is named after a process used by photographer Michael Orton in the 1980s which is particularly popular among landscape photographers because of the dreamlike glow that it gives to images. When Orton created the process he was using film so the effect…

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  • Generative AI Applied to My Photography

    Reading Time Approx: 4 minutes I’m not a documentary style photographer and so, to the extent it deserves any sort of appellation, my photography is art. That makes me particularly interested in the use of (in it’s current amazing but also highly limited form) to modify my own photography. There remain a lot…

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  • Exploring the Creative Possibilities of Generative AI: Transforming a Photo with Artistic Styles and Imaginations

    Reading Time Approx: 3 minutes I’ve been doing some more experimentation with applying Generative AI to my existing images and thought I would share. I started with a base image of a photo of a Cardinal that I took this summer. Notice the watermark in the corner, that’s going to show up in a lot…

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