Month: October 2023

  • A… Defense… of Orphan 55??

    A… Defense… of Orphan 55??

    Reading Time Approx: 5 minutes Orphan 55 seems to be pretty unanimously derided as one of the worst Doctor Who stories of the modern show and certainly there’s a fair few flaws to point to. If you have some meticulous, thoroughly artificial, point scoring system that ranks things to the 100th degree, I don’t think…

  • Owlet


    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Another photo from my recent visit to the Harpers Ferry Highland Games. They had a group there showing various birds of prey including owls and also including this baby owl, or owlet. Who looks incredibly cute, because you can’t see the dead mouse they were hanging onto with their…

  • Kilmaine Saints

    Kilmaine Saints

    Reading Time Approx: 2 minutes This is not my usual type of photography, but I was at a Highland Games the other week and figured I’d snap some photos of what was happening. The environment for this one was challenging too, because it was an open air stage, with fairly bright sunlight and I was…

  • Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute My first thoughts at the beginning on hearing the latest version of the Doctor Who them tune. Eh… not sure. Sounds… different. I guess I need to hear it a few time My reaction 30 seconds in to the clip. The middle 8… I love it! Sold!

  • Scotland – Past to Future

    Scotland – Past to Future

    Reading Time Approx: 2 minutes I’ve been playing around with this log off and on for the last day or two. The original idea in my head was a stylized outline of Scotland giving it a modern feel. I don’t claim that this concept is particularly original in and of itself, I’ve seen similar ideas…