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  • A… Defense… of Orphan 55??

    A… Defense… of Orphan 55??

    Reading Time Approx: 5 minutes Orphan 55 seems to be pretty unanimously derided as one of the worst Doctor Who stories of the modern show and certainly there’s a fair few flaws to point to. If you have some meticulous, thoroughly artificial, point scoring system that ranks things to the 100th degree, I don’t think…

  • S11E04 – Arachnids in the UK

    S11E04 – Arachnids in the UK

    Reading Time Approx: 7 minutes Yes, I know, there’s really only one thing anyone wants to talk about when it comes to this episode and we will get to both of them in due course, because what I have to say about it seems a little different to most of the criticism I’ve read. But…

  • Review S11E03 – Rosa

    Review S11E03 – Rosa

    Reading Time Approx: 6 minutes I was looking forward to rewatching this one because the historical episodes are generally the ones held in highest regard in the Chris Chibnall era. Tackling a subject like Rosa Parks, a central figure in the history of US Civil Rights, is dangerous ground for a British show that generally…