Month: September 2023

  • Nothing More Than A Memory

    Nothing More Than A Memory

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute As I get older — yes, I’m officially old; I admit it — I become more aware of how much I’ve forgotten. Some of it may be lost forever at this point; gone from my mind and never that important to anyone else in the first place. Some of…

  • Resources For Learning Gaelic

    Resources For Learning Gaelic

    Reading Time Approx: 2 minutes I do not speak Gaelic and really have never shown any aptitude for learning languages at all, so I don’t imagine I ever will. But for those with more ambition and perhaps more ability, there are many resources out there and some of them are free. So here’s a definitely…

  • Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Some days you only get one sock, some days you get three, but you rarely get two. Life’s like that.

  • Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Every developer knows that you should never, under any circumstances work on the live site. So of course I’m completely ignoring that rule by tweaking all aspects of my blog live. It’s nice not to have to worry about professionalism all the time and just have fun tweaking things.

  • Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Currently re-watching Blakes 7 and just got to Season 3. Call me a little slow but until now I hadn’t made the connection that Steven Pacey who plays Tarrant is the Steven Pacey who narrates Joe Abercrombie’s books. Yeah, I’m a bit slow.

  • Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute For the 2018-2019 shutdown, 380,000 federal workers were furloughed, and 420,000 worked without pay. Cost of shutdown was about $3 billion. That’s cost, not savings. Government shutdowns cost the economy and cost the Government (lost taxes).

  • New Site LOGO!

    New Site LOGO!

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute I’ve just added a new logo to the site since I decided to give it the name Veristopia. What does Veristopia mean you might be asking? Well I made it up, completely ignoring any rules about how words are constructed because I like how it sounds, but it contains…

  • Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Looked at the search engine optimization suggestions before publishing my blog post. Realized that I don’t write that way, don’t want to write that way and don’t expect anyone to visit my blog anyway. SEO makes everything sound the same.

  • Thistle T-SHIRT DESIGN

    Thistle T-SHIRT DESIGN

    Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute Generative AI with a descriptive prompt combined with a bit of typesetting can produce some halfway decent t-shirt designs. And yes, I am very aware of the many potential problems surrounding generative AI images including questions over if copyright should be given (currently no in the US) and if…

  • Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute And just one more because my template calls for four microblogs on the front page.