New Site LOGO!

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I’ve just added a new logo to the site since I decided to give it the name Veristopia. What does Veristopia mean you might be asking? Well I made it up, completely ignoring any rules about how words are constructed because I like how it sounds, but it contains Veris (the appearance of truth) and Topia (a lived or physical place, an actual rather than an ideal or utopia). So make of that what you will.

Anyway, once again I used ( v5 in this case) to generate a base logo. I then supersized it in and started cutting it into layers and applying some extra styling. I also had to pick a font and fix the text since even when told what the logo name was MidJourney couldn’t get anything more than the V right!

Once I had the layers I was also able to give what had been a flat logo the appearance of a little depth with the addition of shadows. I’d asked MidJourney to give me something in a vector style which it mostly did but you can see some slight oddities in the full size image. That’s not really an issue though since the actual logo is only going to be used at much, much smaller sizes. I was also able to extract just the V part of the logo so I could use that on its own and I’ve already integrated it into the header text for the site title.

While I was at it I registered the domain name too and I’ll probably switch over at some point and use for other things. Maybe? Who knows, I’m making this up as I go along, it’s all just for fun.





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