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with a descriptive prompt combined with a bit of typesetting can produce some halfway decent t-shirt designs. And yes, I am very aware of the many potential problems surrounding generative AI images including questions over if copyright should be given (currently no in the US) and if so to who. Not to mention ongoing issues surrounding the data these models were trained on and whether proper permission was sought.

It’s a thorny problem that I do not expect to solve. I’m simply exploring the artistic potential of these sorts of tools. Namely, can I take an image (if somewhat fuzzy and vague) in my head and turn it into something that I could wear on a t-shirt? I think I’d wear this.

I do fundamentally disagree with people who claim the resulting work is soulless. For a start no one can actually define or measure the soul, so it’s something of a meaningless slur. Perhaps more importantly if the person creating the image isn’t just mindlessly typing words like some sort of monkey writing Shakespeare then there is an intent and a vision behind it. And indeed after achieving the raw image it still had to be cleaned up fonts and layout chosen. This is certainly not a case of click button, design appears.





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