Jefferson Rock

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Named after Thomas Jefferson who stood on this spot in Harpers Ferry and was inspired to write about it, the rock itself now has to be supported by those stone pillars which were added at some point in the mid-1800s. I’ve taken plenty of shots of this scene in the past, but none from this particular angle before.

Color Version of the Same Image

This wasn’t the best time of day for it as there was a little too much direct sunlight with no fog to diffuse it. This Is definitely an angle to remember and try earlier in the morning or later at night. I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately it seems, but in this case it just came down to practicality. The sun was too harsh and too strong to make for a good color image from this angle, but that harshness actually improved the image in black and white.

I did want to highlight the glow from the sun and the way it surrounded the rock though so I applied the “Orton Effect” to parts of the image.

The end result was an image which emphasized the textures of the rock and pushed the, honestly rather dull, greenery firmly into the background.





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