Purple Wildflower

Reading Time Approx: < 1 minute

I’ve decided that I need to practice my macro photography more and flowers make an easy subject since they don’t run away from you. Don’t ask me what flower this is exactly, I haven’t the foggiest. It was pretty and conveniently located while I was walking around with my camera.

Since I don’t currently own a macro lens I’m re-purposing my telephoto zoom. This allows me to get some nice shallow depth of field, but does come with some challenges, not least having to kneel or stand a good distance away from your target. Normally flowers don’t require a fast shutter speed but if you’re dealing with a big zoom you need it to minimize shake.

In Lightroom I decided to emphasize the pastel elements of the photo so rather than darkening the edges of the image I lightened them. After that I dropped the Dehaze slider down just a smidge, reduced contrast and focused the sharpening on the petals of the flower, not the background. I find the resulting image to be pleasingly gentle.






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